1. SIDES

1.1. Ulgen Private Health Ltd. Sti (It will be briefly referred to as Viva Health.)

Mersis Number : 0996036390300019

Address : Catalmese Mah. 30 August Street. 10 N 14 Alemdag/Cekmekoy/Istanbul

Telephone : +90544 44 118 80

E-Mail : info@evdekidestek.com

1.2. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer".)

The person whose information is specified in the form to be filled online.

T.C. Identification number :

Address :

Telephone :

E-Mail :

1.3. The parties mentioned above, accepted as their legal residence. The party with the change of address, unless it notifies the other party in writing of the change., Notifications made to these addresses will be considered valid..


Buyer's, PC by Viva Health, video doctor call service via tablet and smart phone ,It is the determination of the rights and obligations of the parties by purchasing them in the electronic environment..


3.1. The features and cost of the contracted service are given in the table below.. Discounts and promotions are reflected in the sales price..

Physician to be Interviewed: …

Interview Date: To be determined by the Call Center.

Interview Time: 20 dk

Total Cost: Fees will be announced on the website.

Payment method: Online Payment, Transfer / EFT

3.2. Invoice, Buyer's, to the above e-mail address., It will be sent as an e-invoice..


4.1. Buyer's Rights and Obligations:

4.1.1. Buyer, this Agreement, Preliminary Information Form, You have read all the information regarding the performance of the service subject to the Contract on the "www.evdekidestek.com.tr" website, which is the Viva Health website.; that you have obtained the information contained therein accurately and completely, and that you have approved it electronically.; It accepts and undertakes that it is aware of the obligations imposed on them by the legislation to which the Contract is subject..

4.1.2. Buyer, video doctor meeting, that it only includes the service of talking to a physician and asking questions electronically.; It is given for the purpose of counseling about health problems., that there is no equivalent of a physical examination; should apply to the hospital or physician for diagnosis and treatment and that this service is not valid for an emergency.; accepts and undertakes that it has the necessary technical equipment to exceed the service.

4.1.3. Buyer, requests an online appointment from the Viva Health website before the video doctor call. Makes the payment by following the instructions on the website regarding the appointment day and time chosen by the physicians according to their availability.. The contract enters into force with the payment of the fee..

4.1.4. Recipient not creating an appointment as specified, not paying the video call and health consultation fee, If the payment is canceled by the bank or financial institution, In case the buyer objects to the payment and withdraws it, Viva Healthcare is deemed to be released from its obligation to perform the service..

4.1.5. Buyer, the results of the analysis, if any, that he had done in the last month before the appointment. info@evdekidestek.com is obliged to send it to the address and to prepare the necessary equipment for the interview..

4.1.6. Buyer's, make your appointment, at the latest meeting time 2 hours ago, Viva Health's +90544 44 118 80 You have the right to cancel by contacting the phone number no.; In this case, the fee will be refunded to the Buyer.. Otherwise Buyer, It accepts and undertakes that it cannot demand any price from Viva Health under any name.. Viva Health is not responsible for problems and delays caused by the bank/financial institution..

4.1.7. Service to be provided under the contract, Evaluated within the scope of the "Exception of the Right of Withdrawal" of the Regulation on Distance Contracts;

– In accordance with Article 15.1.g., “Contracts regarding services performed instantly in electronic environment or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer”

– 15.1.h. According to the article “Before the expiry of the right of withdrawal,, Contracts regarding services that are started to be performed with the approval of the consumer.”

as it is in nature, Buyer's item 4.1.5. There is no right of withdrawal other than the right within the scope of.

4.1.8. Except for force majeure, the buyer, without fault, in case of not benefiting from or benefiting from the service for any reason, accepts and undertakes that no refund will be made to him.. However, in cases of actual impossibility or force majeure, the Buyer's, to Viva Health after learning about the situation. 3 within the same day and Viva Health accepts it., service, has the right to use it at another date.

4.1.9. Buyer, service complaint, It can be forwarded to Viva Health by using the above contact information..

4.2.Rights and Obligations of Viva Health:

4.2.1. To Viva Health Buyer, Via Buyer's smartphone, will provide verbal consultation services to their physicians via video. In this context, video doctor interview, In accordance with the appointment created by the buyer, It will be held with different physicians working in Viva Health and the duration will be 20 limited to minutes.

4.2.2. As part of the video call, It can recommend medication to the Buyer for necessary health problems or chronic diseases..

4.2.3. Viva Health Buyer's refusal to use the service or failure to fulfill the service due to electronic reasons / not responsible for late fulfillment.

4.2.4. Viva Health, reserves the right to cancel the service at any time or to postpone the appointment if necessary.. Viva Health, in case of failure to perform the service, immediately notifies the Buyer of the situation and ensures that a new appointment is created


5.1. Viva Health , All kinds of private and general personal data submitted to him by the Buyer under the Contract., For the purposes specified in the contract and its annexes, to keep the records within its own body and to carry out statistical studies.; will be able to operate in accordance with the general principles and processing conditions stipulated in the legislation.

5.2. Viva Health, this personal data, to the companies it has worked with or to the domestic and foreign companies and/or third parties that are service providers in their own databases for the same purposes.; will be able to preserve it for the periods specified in the legislation..

5.3. Viva Health, with regard to the processing of such personal data, will take the technical and administrative measures stipulated by the legislation; will duly report the persons it employs..

5.4. Buyer's, Personal Data Protection Law 11. rights reserved pursuant to article.

5.5. Buyer, accepts and undertakes that he has express consent to all these matters..


6.1. To resolve any dispute that may arise in the implementation and/or interpretation of this Agreement, Turkish Laws are applied.

6.2. in case of dispute, cost of service, if it is within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry of Customs and Trade every year, Provincial or District Arbitration Committees for Consumer Problems in the place where Viva Health is located; On the other hand, Istanbul Anatolian Courthouse Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized..

6.2.1. Buyer, In disputes that may arise from the contract, With the official books and commercial records of Viva Health, in its own database, electronic information and computer records kept on its servers., binding, shall constitute definitive and exclusive evidence.; of this article of the Code of Civil Procedure. 193. accepts and undertakes that it is in the nature of an evidential contract in accordance with the article.

  1. OTHER

7.1. Agreement, Arranged in accordance with the Distance Contracts Regulation and other legislation.

7.2. Agreement, It will come into effect once it is approved by the buyer in electronic environment and the call fee is transferred to Viva Health's account.; It will end if the Buyer has made the call or refuses to do so in accordance with the specified conditions..

7.3. Any correspondence between the parties, will be done electronically..

7.4. Any changes to the contract, possible by written agreement of the parties.

7.5. appendices, It is an integral part of the contract.

This Agreement 7 consists of matter; between the parties, edited and approved electronically.