Personal Data, Data Privacy and Cookie Policy

Viva Health Ltd. Welcome to, which is the service of Sti.. Hereinafter, this text belongs to Viva Sağlık Ltd Şti. site (Site), Users/visitors/members who use the site and benefit from its services (data owners) will be referred to as. This text, which is prepared to explain the services offered by the site and the safe use of the site, and to explain the personal data and privacy policy of the site, to inform the data owners and how the personal data shared on the site is processed., describes how it is used and preserved. Those who use the site and benefit from the services offered, have read the provisions written in this text, will be deemed to have reviewed and accepted the matters contained in the content.. The provisions of the relevant legislation in this text are valid for every user who visits and uses the Site from within and outside of Turkey.. It is the right of Viva Health to make changes on the provisions written here in accordance with the changes made in the relevant legislation.. Users are advised to carefully read every detail written in this text.. Information Collected: Various “Personal Information” and “Non-Personal Information” can be collected through our website.. Personal Information, name surname, Information that identifies or can identify you as an individual, such as an e-mail address. If it is Non-Personal Information, wholesale information, demographic information, IP addresses and other information that does not directly identify you.
  1. Non-Personal Information: Non-Personal Information, anonymous information and information that does not personally identify you. Non-Personal Information; cookies (cookies), internet protocol addresses and web logs; including pixel tags and other Non-Personal Information, Collected from four different sources via our site. Details on these are given below.;
  2. i) Cookies: As with most websites, also on our site, realization of basic functions necessary for the operation of the site; Analyzing the site and improving its performance; ( e.g, Determining the number of visitors to the site and adjusting performance accordingly or making it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for), ensuring ease of use; (e.g, remembering the search queries on the next visit of the visitor visiting the site, etc.), personalization, realization of targeting and advertising activity; (e.g, Cookies can be used to display advertisements related to their interests on the page viewed by visitors and for similar purposes.. Cookies, These are small widgets that are stored on your device or network server via browsers by the websites you visit.. Cookies, They are created by the servers associated with the website you are visiting.. So when the visitor visits the same site, the server can understand it. Cookies, name for visitors, they do not contain personal data such as gender or address.
According to the party placing the cookie, Platform cookies and third party Cookies are used. While platform cookies are created by Viva Health, Third-party cookies are managed by different people in partnership with Viva Health.. By active time, session cookies and persistent cookies are used. Session cookies are deleted when the visitor leaves the site., Persistent cookies, on the other hand, may remain on visitors' devices for various periods of time, depending on the area of ​​use.. Visitors to our site, always have the opportunity to customize their preferences for cookies by changing the browser settings in which they view the site.. If the browser in use offers this possibility, It is possible to change preferences regarding Cookies via browser settings.. Thus,, Although it may differ according to the possibilities offered by the browser,, prevent data owners from using cookies, There are options to choose to receive a warning before the cookie is used, or to disable or delete only some Cookies.. Your preferences for cookies, It may be required to be done separately for each device that the visitor accesses the Platform.. We would also like to remind you that various functions of the Site may not work if some Cookies are turned off..
  1. ii) IP Protocol Addresses and Web Logos: Collecting IP addresses is standard practice on the Internet and is done automatically by many websites.. your IP address, diagnosing problems on our servers, manage our website, We collect and store it in order to ensure that you access the data service that will enable you to connect with the site in the fastest way, and to provide a personalized experience in terms of the language used in your visits and the region where the Site is accessed, in line with your preference.. Our site's web servers automatically, Internet Protocol of visitors (IP) collects addresses and log files. your IP address, Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) an identification number automatically assigned to your computer by. Number, when you visit the Site(read)the time of your visit and the page you visited(lar) automatically identified and stored in our server log files along with. This information, It is generally collected and does not contain any Personal Information..
iii) Pixel Tags: In order to provide you with more useful information and a more personalized experience on your next visit to our site,, We may also use "pixel tags" or similar tools and HTML-formatted email messages. One Pixel Label, Usually single-pixel, which is normally not seen by visitors to our site and can be associated with cookies on visitors' hard drives. (1X1) is an electronic image. Pixel Tags do not contain Personal Information and allow us to count users who have visited certain pages of our site to provide branded services and to help determine the effectiveness of promotional or advertising campaigns.. When used in HTML-formatted email messages, Pixel Tags can tell the sender whether an email has been opened.
  1. Personal Information : Any personal data you have forwarded to Viva Sağlık Ltd. (Data) in terms of, 6698 Law on Protection of Personal Data No. (KVKK) in accordance with, Viva Health Ltd.; As Data Controller and Data Processor, personal information; within the framework of the law and adhering to the terms and limits described below; will be able to obtain, able to record, able to store, able to preserve, be able to update it in order to continue its services., able to change, able to rearrange, be able to disclose to third parties in cases and to the extent permitted by legislation, able to transfer, able to transfer, able to share, able to classify, only for the purposes and scope described below. 3359 Health Services Basic Law No., 663 Decree Law No. on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliates, 6698 Law on Protection of Personal Data No., Regulation on Personal Health Data, It will be able to operate in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and other relevant legislation and in other ways listed in the law..
Processed Personal Data: Especially your health data, your personal and private data: ad, surname, T.R Identity number and/or passport number and/or temporary TR Identity number, place and/or date of birth, marital status, gender, health insurance, profession, insurance card number, your workplace registry and/or patient identification number and other identification data that can identify you; address, phone number, your e-mail address and other contact data, Voice call recordings and e-mails kept by customer representatives and/or patient services in accordance with call center standards, Your personal data obtained when you contact us via letter and/or other means; your payment information, your financial data such as billing and billing information; your data on private health insurance for the financing and planning of health services, and your data on payer institutions such as the Social Security Institution; patient medical reports, diagnostic data, biometric and genetic data, lab results, test results, inspection data , doctor analysis and reviews, appointment information, medical diagnosis, including but not limited to prescribing information, all kinds of health information and your data obtained during and/or as a result of treatment and care services; questionnaire, thanks, complaint letters, your notifications such as satisfaction results; Viva Health Ltd. Your health data that you send and/or enter through all websites and online services of Şti., IP address, cookies and other personal data, in short, all kinds of information and documents that serve to make the identity of our customers/patients specific or identifiable., It is within the scope of personal data pursuant to article 3/d of KVKK (Personal Data/Personal Data) Your personal data, It can be processed by Viva Health in connection with the following purposes and in a measured way, and with your express consent or for the reasons stipulated in the relevant legislation, the person specified below., can be transferred to institutions and organizations. Purposes and Legal Reasons for Processing Personal Data: Your Personal Data/Personal Data may be processed by Viva Health for the following purposes: 3359 Health Services Basic Law No., 663 Decree Law No. on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliates, Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment Regulation, 6698 Law on Protection of Personal Data No., To fulfill our legal obligations and the requirements of the services you request in the Regulation on Personal Health Data and other legislation., Identification and verification in order to prevent your Personal Data/Personal Data from being captured by others, Protection of public health, preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, execution of treatment and care services, planning and management of health services and financing, Planning and managing the internal functioning of our Medical Center and daily operations, Procurement of medicines and/or medical supplies and/or devices specific to you, Being able to inform you about the appointment if you make an appointment, providing information and/or appointment reminder, Carrying out risk management and quality improvement activities, Fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, Sharing and responding to information obtained with the Ministry of Health and other public institutions and organizations in accordance with the provisions of the legislation, Questioning your entitlement with the institutions/organizations that have a contract with our Medical Center or obtaining a financial agreement with these institutions regarding the health services offered to you, Sharing information and identity verification requested by contracted institutions/organizations, especially private insurance companies, within the scope of financing health services, Making your payments, e-invoicing, e-archive invoicing and, if necessary, return and change transactions, issuing invoices for the services we provide, Taking all necessary technical and administrative measures within the scope of data security of our Medical Center's systems and applications, Analyzing your use of healthcare services and storing your health data in order to develop and improve the healthcare services we provide to you, responding to your questions or complaints about our services, Sharing information with you through your preferred communication channel within the scope of treatment and service, detection of transaction information, Obtaining the necessary information in line with the requests and inspections of regulatory and supervisory institutions and official authorities, Preserving information about your health data, which must be kept in accordance with the relevant legislation, Compliance with internal policies and principles, Measuring patient satisfaction and increasing patient satisfaction after receiving health services, Transfer of your complaints/requests to Viva Health and if you have given permission to communicate, conducting special promotion and information activities for you and ensuring that you benefit from it., marketing and campaign activities, sending newsletters/brochures, contacting you for information purposes regarding our data analysis-research services, including but not limited to medical diagnosis, execution of treatment and care services, development, planning and management of health services and financing, increasing patient satisfaction, investigation and related causes, – backup/archiving of transaction records, storage and storage, Information retention in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, reporting, compliance with information obligations and performance of our legal obligations. Your Personal Data/Personal Data obtained and processed in accordance with the relevant legislation, By transferring to the physical archives and/or information systems of Viva Health, It will be stored both in digital and physical environment within the period described in this Policy.. Personal Data Transfer: By ensuring that all necessary technical and administrative measures are taken to ensure the appropriate level of security in accordance with KVKK and relevant health legislation., Personal Data/Your Personal Data; In line with the purposes in our policy; 3359 Health Services Basic Law No., 663 Decree Law No. on the Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Health and its Affiliates, Outpatient Diagnosis and Treatment Regulation 6698 Personal Data Protection Law, Persons/institutions and/or organizations permitted by the Regulation on Personal Health Data and other relevant legislation provisions ; to the relevant Banks depending on the payment method you prefer., online payment systems, If you have received service within the scope of insurance / foundation / fund, contact the relevant insurance company., to the foundation, to the ballot box and intermediary institutions, to the infrastructure provider so that we can resolve your complaints and provide you with a better service., To the relevant institutions/organizations and infrastructure providers within the scope of e-invoicing/e-archive invoicing transactions, server hosting that we work with for backup/storage/archiving/storage of transaction records, archiving, storage and software services providers; To the employees of Viva Health to resolve your complaints or a problem or to fulfill our legal obligations., law, financial and tax advisors, auditors and the person permitted by the provisions of the legislation, can be transferred to institutions and organizations. When transferring your personal data to the third parties specified in this section, a transfer will be made only as much as necessary and within the scope of its relevance.. Personal Data Collection Method and Retention Period: Personal Data/Your Personal Data; for the above-mentioned purposes; During and/or before and/or after your arrival at the health institutions within Viva Health; verbal, written, visually or electronically, telephone , SMS, MMS vb. online via the Social Security Institution system via telecommunication communication means., from the shared records in case of benefiting from a private insurance company., In case you come to our Medical Center by referral and/or in case of your own, through the records of other health institutions and organizations, e-mails you sent (emails), call center call records, Web site, verbal, written like a magazine subscription form, through print and similar channels, through audio and video recordings made for security purposes, by automatic or non-automatic means, written, are collected orally or electronically and stored in physical and digital media.. Viva Health, personal data provided, In case of a period stipulated under the provisions of the legislation to which it is subject, by complying with the relevant periods.; if such a period is not foreseen, it will be able to store it for the period necessary for the purpose for which they are processed.. Your Personal Data KVKK art.. 7/When the purpose for which it is processed in accordance with f.1. ceases to exist and/or when the statute of limitations/reservation periods that we oblige us to process your data in accordance with the legislation expires., will be deleted, will be destroyed or anonymized . Rights and Exceptions of Personal Data Owner: By applying to Viva Health in writing or by other methods to be determined by the Board.; your personal data) find out if it is processed, b) requesting information about your personal data if it has been processed, c) learning the purpose of processing your personal data and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose, ç) Knowing the third parties to whom your personal data is transferred at home or abroad, d) Requesting correction of your personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed, e) Cannon 7. Requesting the deletion or destruction of your personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated in Article, f) The above-mentioned third parties to whom your personal data is transferred (d) and (e) Requesting notification of transactions made in accordance with subparagraphs, g) object to the emergence of a result against you due to the analysis of your personal data exclusively by automated systems, and) You have the right to demand the compensation of the damage in case you suffer damage due to the unlawful processing of your personal data.. about this if you wish, You can also use the Information Request Form published on our website with the extension and which you can obtain physically from Viva Health.. your rights, the effective date of the regulation 07.10.2016 It is possible to use from. Your requests regarding personal data; together with the necessary information to identify you and your explanations about the right you want to use., a) An e-mail to our company's e-mail address kvkk@evdekidestekcom, b) Caddebostan, Baghdad Cd. 2/8, 34746 Registered mail with return receipt to Kadıköy/Istanbul, You can send it via a notary public or by hand delivery method with a petition/application letter.. also, In case the Board determines other methods for the transmission of the request, it will be possible for you to convey your request through these methods.. our company, your requests in the application., According to the nature of the request, as soon as possible and within thirty days at the latest, it will be concluded free of charge.. However, if the transaction incurs an additional cost, The fee in the tariff determined by the Board may be charged.. Our company has the right to accept the request or reject it by explaining the reason and notify the relevant person in writing or electronically.. If the request in the application is accepted, Viva Health will fulfill your request.. If there is a fee charged if the application is due to the fault of Viva Health, The fee will be refunded to the person concerned.. Rejection of the application, In cases where the answer given is insufficient or the application is not answered on time; of the person concerned, The right to lodge a complaint with the Board within thirty days from the date Viva Health learns of its answer and in any case within sixty days from the date of application is reserved.. KVKK clause 14/2 pursuant to the provision, Complaints cannot be made to the Board without exhausting the application process to our Company, which is the data controller.. Those whose personal rights are violated, The right to compensation in accordance with the general provisions is reserved.. with this, KVKK clause 28/2 pursuant to the provision; "except for the right to demand reparation, regulating your rights 11 pearl matter; a) The processing of personal data is necessary for the prevention of crime or for criminal investigation b) Processing of personal data made public by the person concerned c) Personal data processing is carried out by authorized and authorized public institutions and organizations and professional organizations in the nature of public institutions, based on the authority given by the law., It is necessary for the execution of supervisory or regulatory duties and for disciplinary investigation or prosecution.) Budget of personal data processing, We also indicate that it will not be applied in cases where it is necessary for the protection of the economic and financial interests of the State with regard to tax and financial matters.. Circumstances in which Personal Data/Personal Data may be Processed without Explicit Consent pursuant to KVKK: Pursuant to Article 5 of KVKK, Your Personal Data/Personal Data may be processed without your explicit consent in the following cases: -In cases expressly provided for by law, – If you, as the data owner, are unable to express your consent due to actual impossibility, or in cases where your consent is not legally valid, it is necessary to process your personal data in order to protect your or someone else's life or physical integrity., – Provided that it is directly related to the establishment or bankruptcy of a contract, It is necessary to process your Personal Data/Personal Data of the parties to the contract, -Obligatory for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, -Your Personal Data/Personal Data has been made public by you, -Establishment of a right, Data processing is mandatory for the use or protection of, – Provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms,, Viva Health Ltd. It is mandatory to process data for the legitimate interests of Şti.. – also, Your personal health data, public health protection, preventive medicine, medical diagnosis, execution of treatment and care services, for the planning and management of health services and their financing., It can be processed by persons under the obligation of secrecy or by authorized institutions and organizations without seeking the explicit consent of the person concerned.. also, Statement to be made to persons/institutions that may request information in order for our company to fulfill its legal obligations arising from the legislation to which it is subject and/or due to legal obligations., No explicit consent is required for use and transfers.. Viva Health , To ensure the security of Personal Information collected through the website and to prevent unauthorized access to the data, physical, including electronic and operational measures, can take the necessary security measures within the scope of the provisions of the legislation. If you have any questions or other requests regarding our policy, Email these questions and/or requests., You can send to the extension address.