Fzt. Ayça Aklar Börekçi


1980 Born in Adana. 2003 He graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.. With his quantitative studies on myofascial load transfer at Boğaziçi University Biomedical Engineering Institute. 2015 He completed his specialization in. 2003-2010 He worked as a physiotherapist in foundation hospitals and private physiotherapy centers in Adana and Istanbul between years of.

Yeditepe University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 2010 He started working as a Graduate Scholar in. He is still working as a doctor lecturer in the same department.. 2012-2017 He attended the Institut für Angewandie Osteopathie school between the years of 2000 and received the title of Osteopath..

Yeditepe University Biotechnology doctorate program conducted research on the effect of holistic therapy in jaw joint disorders.. 2020 He completed his doctorate in the same department in. In addition to academic studies, Musculoskeletal system problems in Clinic Kalamış, lymphedema treatment, Osteopathic treatments, chronic pain, pelvic pain during pregnancy, provides consultancy services in areas such as pelvic floor rehabilitation and jaw joint disorders.

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