Dr. Ayca Kaya


Dr. Ayça Kaya graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine.. He completed his Internal Diseases specialization training at Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital.. He did his specialization thesis on fatty liver and risk factors.. He established the Obesity and Associated Diseases Polyclinic in Istanbul Surgical Hospital.. In many congresses, especially the 5th European Endocrinology Congress in Italy, It has also been published in various scientific journals at home and abroad.. At Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital, He gave lectures to Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine students.. There are many clinical studies on the treatment of obesity.. In health programs on many television channels, His interviews and articles were published in the health columns of newspapers and monthly magazines.. He continues to treat obesity patients by developing the counting slimming technique.. Get Slim by Counting 5333, Lose Weight By Counting In The Kitchen, Feeding Time, Permanently Lose Weight, Youth Prescriptions, 50 She is the author of Lose Weight Healthy and Fast at My Step and the children's book My Belly Is Ringing.. 7 The book received great acclaim.. The most recent 50 He managed to reach a wide readership with his book, Lose Weight Fast and Healthy in Steps.. Lose Weight by Counting, her first book 5333 The book has reached the 38th edition by entering the Best Sellers list.. Dr. Ayca Kaya, Turkish Internal Medicine Specialization Association, Turkish Diabetes, Obesity and Nutrition Association, European Obesity Working Group, Antiaging Education and Research Association, He is a member of the Turkish Medical Association.. Dr. Ayca Kaya 2006 founded by Dr.. Ayça Kaya continues to treat obesity patients by turning the Wellness Center into a complex.. Areas of interest: healthy eating, obesity treatment, adolescent nutrition, healthy weight loss

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