Biontech Vaccine Heart Diseases

Are Biontech side effects more common in heart patients and the elderly??

The Delta variant, which emerged as a result of mutation in the Covid-19 pandemic, will be available in the coming months, perhaps annually., will make up the majority of cases.. Therefore, it is useful to be vaccinated with vaccines already known to be effective against the Delta variant.. In Turkey 2021 Sinovac vaccine, which was effectively used in. However, in the next period, we need the Biontech vaccine, which we know to be active for the Delta variant..

Can heart patients and the elderly have the Biontech vaccine??

Biontech vaccine in heart patients, in those with heart failure, in those who have had pericarditis, in those with a pacemaker, There is no evidence that it has more side effects in people with hypertension or in the elderly, according to our current knowledge..

For this reason, our elderly people who are more at risk, We recommend our heart patients to have their 3rd dose vaccination with Biontech..

The current recommendations in Turkey are summarized below::

  • At least two doses of Sinovac vaccine 3 if the month has passed, Biontech can vaccinate.
  • At least among those who have covid disease 3 If the month has passed, Biontech can get the vaccine.
  • Those who have previously had the Biontech vaccine 1 It is estimated that the protection of the year. Since these people are also protected against the Delta variant, they do not need to be vaccinated again for the third dose..

It is worth mentioning again, There is no data on more side effects of the Biontech vaccine in heart patients and the elderly, and there is no obstacle to their vaccination..

Should heart medications be continued after Covid vaccine??

Yup, All hypertension and heart medications taken regularly after the Covid vaccine should be continued.. These drugs have no known adverse interactions with the Covid vaccine.

What to do if fever occurs after Covid vaccine?

Body temperature after each vaccination (fire) can rise, this is a natural state, Do not worry. Not everyone has the same intensity of fire.. Plenty of fluids if fever rises, especially drink plenty of water. Avoid being in hot environments. When fever rises, simple antipyretic drugs can be taken. These drugs are paracetamol group drugs. (names in Turkey: parol, minoset vb). Some pain relievers may also contain caffeine.; Do not choose these drugs. Adults without liver problems 500 mg of these tablets per day 6 by the hour 4 can take one. vaccine-induced fever 24-48 falls within an hour. May have arm pain after Covid vaccine, swelling at the needle site, there may be a rash, All this is expected to pass in a few days.; Do not worry.

Can alcohol be consumed after Covid vaccine?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our patients.. There is no medical barrier to drinking alcohol after the Covid vaccine, it's up to you. However, alcohol increases the need for water in the body.. If you also have a fever after vaccination, therefore more fluids / Remember to drink water.

Is it possible to take a shower after the Covid vaccine?, is it possible to take a bath?

Yup, Shower can be taken after Covid vaccine, can take a bath. No medical disability.


Prof. Dr. Ali Serdar Fak
Cardiology and Internal Medicine Specialist

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